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Thursday, August 21, 2014

I don't want to bother my friends

"Bothering" people?!? - Seriously?!?  I drink Organo Gold green tea and coffee for my health, the flavor and the way they make me feel.  Telling people that isn't 'bothering' them.  In fact, I give away the stuff for free to every coffee or tea drinker I meet!

Ganoderma (the tasteless, odorless herb infused into all Organo Gold products) has legendary health benefits that anyone can investigate for themselves.  That's why, if you are considering starting your own Organo Gold business, you should be proud of what you have to offer - and not 'afraid' to share it.  Why would you be?  We're only talking about coffee and tea here.

In a recent conversation I had with someone who was thinking about joining my OG team, she said, "But I don't want to talk to anybody.  I don't want to bother the people I know with this stuff".  I didn't laugh, but I resisted the urge to shout when I replied, "Change your mind set!"


Are you "bothering" a drowning man when you throw him a life preserver?

Are you "bothering" a starving mother when you show her how to feed her family?

Are you "bothering" an impoverished family when you show them how to create financial freedom?

Are you bothering that CEO who has to spend the vast majority of his year away from the very family he claims to be working so hard for?

If you are worried about "bothering" people, you simply don't grasp what is happening yet here in OG.

We are offering hope ... solution ... restoration ... freedom ...

If the drowning man doesn't reach out for the life preserver ...
If the starving mother won't even sit down at the table ...
If the broke family won't even sit down to listen ...
If the CEO prefers the "golden handcuffs" ...

I didn't bother them. I offered them hope. If they wouldn't listen (this time), then it wasn't because of me.  It was because they weren't ready to change their lives... yet.


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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Dreamer vs a Doer

Lots of people dream about owning a successful business that creates financial independence.  But if you're considering an Organo Gold business, you are going to have to lead by example.  In other words, you'll need to be doing what you are going to want the people in your organization to do.

The universe responds to dreams (i.e. strong desire) if you're sending the right message to it.  For one thing, you have to be ready for your success!  Secondly, you have to move, work and show others how it's done.  Then they'll copy you.  With Organo Gold, that means setting up your proper autoship, hosting business meetings, attending the meetings of others and ALWAYS promoting the product and the opportunity... and following up with people.  These are just basic business principles, but doing them gets you to your dream.

So let's talk about dreaming a little bit, shall we?

If you're still reading at this point, then I'd like to contrast a Dreamer vs a Doer - because they are very closely related.  You see, while most people spend their lives struggling to earn a living, a much smaller group seems to have everything going their way.  Instead of just earning a living, the smaller body of people is busily working at building and enjoying a fortune.  Everything just seems to work out for them. Wow!  And here sits the much larger group, wondering how life can be so unfair, so complicated and unjust. What’s the major difference between the little group with so much and the larger group with so little?

Dreams are a projection of the kind of life you want to lead. Dreams can drive you. Dreams can make you skip over obstacles. When you allow your dreams to pull you, they unleash a creative force that can overpower any obstacle in your path. To unleash this power, though, your dreams must be well defined. A fuzzy future has little pulling power. Well-defined dreams are not fuzzy. Wishes are fuzzy. To really achieve your dreams, to really have your future plans pull you forward, your dreams must be vivid.

If you’ve ever hiked a 14,000-foot peak in the Rocky Mountains, one thought has surely come to mind: “How did American settlers do it?” How did they get from the East Coast to the West Coast? Carrying one day’s supply of food and water is hard enough. Can you imagine hauling all of your worldly goods with you... mile after mile, day after day, month after month? These people had big dreams - very big.  They had ambition.  They didn’t focus on the hardship of getting up the mountain.  In their minds, they were already on the other side - their bodies just hadn’t gotten them there yet! Despite all of their pains and struggles, all of the births and deaths along the way, those who made it to the other side had a single vision: to reach the land of continuous sunshine and extraordinary wealth. To start over where anything and everything was possible. Their dreams were stronger than the obstacles in their way.

You’ve got to be a dreamer. You’ve got to envision the future. You’ve got to see California while you’re climbing 14,000-foot peaks. You’ve got to see the finish line while you’re running the race. You’ve got to hear the cheers when you’re in the middle of a monster project. And you’ve got to be willing to put yourself through the paces of doing the uncomfortable until it becomes comfortable.  You have to DO IT... because that’s how you realize your dreams.


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Organo Gold and an interesting fact

Almost half of the world actually prefers instant coffee.

That's interesting because the primary way that we market our coffee is by passing out samples to coffee drinkers.  It's pretty simple, really.  Each sample is enough to brew up one cup.  Of course, Organo Gold also has regular, coffee-pot packs and now has the new BrewKups for the Keurig machines.  But those sample packs of pre-brewed coffee are what built this business and passing them out works, because people are all about convenience.

So if you're considering joining the Organo Gold family and starting your own coffee business, don't doubt that the individual coffee packets are popular.  They are.  Also, you can carry them with you anywhere.  In my case, I'm so used to my Organo Gold coffee that I can't drink anything else.  So at work, I just get hot water from the machine in the cafeteria and pour one my individual coffee packs in it.  It's convenient, it's so much better than the 'company' coffee pot and I love it.


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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Organo Gold pay plan explained... and everything else

It seems like nobody wants to read anything, but everybody likes videos.  That's a good thing if you're considering your own Organo Gold business.  They've got instruction videos for EVERYTHING.  For example, whenever I'm talking to someone about coffee, they will inevitably ask about the company's pay plan.  Rather then spending an hour (or more) explaining it, I simply refer them to this set of videos.

Once someone joins my team, they will tend to have many more questions.  That's fine, I'm here to help.  But better yet, there is a HELP DESK in the Back Office of your replicated website that has... you guessed it... instruction videos for everything.

Questions like these ALL have a video that explains the answer:  'What is the difference between active and qualified'?  'Why am I losing points?'  'What is a matching bonus?'  'Which orders go to uni-level?'  'What does it mean by getting 60-day qualification by signing up with a builder pack?'

Relax, we've got you covered.  Just never forget:  "It's Easy, It's Simple, It's Coffee." 


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Friday, July 11, 2014

If you're going to do Organo Gold, you're going to need product

One thing I hear from people considering this business (and those just getting started) is a resistance to the idea of the autoship.  It's not required, so you don't 'have' to do it.  But think about it.  If you are going to do this business, then you are going to need a certain amount of product every month for sales, sampling and personal consumption.  You're either in business or you're not.  That's just how it is.

Do whatever you want to do, but to my way of thinking you either have a Success Mindset or you have some 'other' mindset.

Success Mindset:

Do you complain about autoship to help your business?  Look at your bank statement.

Rent or Mortgage: Every month.
Internet/Cable bill: Every month.
Food: Every day.
Fuel: Multiple times weekly.
Cell phone: Monthly.

Then someone shows you how to get rich and you say, "I don't like autoship."?!?

Change your mindset.


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Thursday, July 10, 2014

If I join Organo Gold, how fast will my business grow?

"Your business grows at the speed of YOU.  Your income grows at the speed of YOU.  It doesn't work, YOU do."

Just keep walking ...

Left Leg,
Right Leg,
Left Leg,
Right Leg...

The journey has its rewards!


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Still making excuses or 'waiting for a better time'?


The #1 Income Earner In The Entire Industry used to be flat BROKE!

The #1 Income Earner In The Entire Industry used to struggle!

The #1 Income Earner In The Entire Industry used to have people say "no".

The #1 Income Earner In The Entire Industry STILL has people say "no".

The #1 Income Earner In The Entire Industry Is Now Teaching YOU and Me!

Thank you, Mr. Holton Buggs!

Big Things Are Brewing In Our Group!

Folks, when you join my team, you're connected to the very first Diamond in Organo Gold!  He's predicting the future and we ain't seen nothin' yet!

Just don't ever forget... "It's easy, it's simple, it's coffee." 


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